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New Story Game

2012-01-26 18:39:24 by ps4xbox

I am making a story game, and the first episode involves tentacles!

Let me know if you want try it out, as any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

New Story Game


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2012-01-26 18:43:57

I'm guessing hentai.

ps4xbox responds:

Good guess!


2012-01-26 18:44:26

Sounds fun.

Looks fun from that image, too.

ps4xbox responds:

Thanks, its still in rough form, but its coming along!


2012-01-26 19:21:13

iv seen your artwork and its really good, cant wait to play the game!

ps4xbox responds:

Here is the link, just go to the bottom of the page when you get there:


2012-01-27 15:05:28

It seems amazing! Loving your Artwork and Style Checking out this game now =D


2012-01-28 11:33:36

Why have you been banned?


2012-01-29 23:56:14

why am i not surprised that it was all leading up to be you making flat out smut...